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Historical Sewing Patterns (Women)

Ladies Classic 1950's Wardrobe Pattern

Ladies Classic 1950's Wardrobe Pattern
Ladies Classic 1950's Wardrobe Pattern Ladies Classic 1950's Wardrobe Pattern Ladies Classic 1950's Wardrobe Pattern

Sense and Sensibility say "My love for the 1950s goes back to when I was a little girl in love with twirly skirts and dress-up. My glamorous grandmother handed down a lot of her 1950s clothes to me, and I wore the fancy, sparkly ones to bits as a girl, then wore the everyday ones to church as a teen (the only time I was the same size as my tiny "Mimi!Ē). Thereís just something about 1950s fit-and-flare fashion that appeals to us no matter what decade we were born into, and I believe its silhouette will never go out of style.

Ladies' Classic 1950s Wardrobe blouse optionIíve pulled together my favorite design elements from this decadeĖthe full skirt and the demurely tailored pencil skirt; the fitted bodice and tailored sleeves; the curvy collar and the wide pointed collar; the detachable peplum and the removable dickie. You can mix and match to your heartís content and create an entire closet full of flattering outfits that take you from relaxing on the patio in cool gingham to stepping out in sophisticated glamour with all the stops pulled out. Thanks to the inspiration of customer Denise B., Iíve also added a brand new set of instructions for a breathtaking petticoat a lŠ Alice Lon! See the embedded video below for a peep at this classic 1950s wardrobe staple!

There are two size ranges for this pattern: 4-18 and 16-26. The smaller range will comfortably fit up to a D cup. The size 16-26 pattern includes a side dart and was designed for a fuller bust. Options for short, cuffed sleeves; bracelet-length fitted sleeves; full skirt; pencil skirt; removable collar dickie; detachable peplum; blouse and skirt separates. Detailed, illustrated instructions included.

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