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Aglets (lace tips) 10's (System 2)

Aglets (lace tips) 10's (System 2)
Aglets (lace tips) 10's (System 2) Aglets (lace tips) 10's (System 2)

Metal lace tips (Aglets) for finishing the ends of corset laces. 

High quality in 4 colours. Silver, Gold, Gunmetal or Bronze.

Can be applied with pliers but for a really professional finish use our lace tipping tool.

Approx 2cm (3/4" long).

Wider than System 1 aglets so will accommodate thicker cord/laces!

Sold in packs of 10

We call these system 2, please ensure that you buy the matching tool!

Our Price (inc VAT): £1.98

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