Swing Hooks to Fasten Corsets (alternative to busks)

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Two part swing hooks for fastening the front of corsets, bags etc. Small size singly or in packs of 5.
Lovely array of colours and an interesting alternative to busk fastening a corset.
These hooks are an innovative alternative to busk fastening. Eye catching design that can be used in the same way as a busk, fasten these first and then lace up at the back.
To use....
Finish the centre front edges of your corset with a 13mm or 20mm bone at each edge. The hooks are either riveted or screwed in into each side. Pre-drilling the bones is advisable.

last stocks of they style, Available in Chrome only

3cm across
Also available.......
Pre-drilled bones available in 25cm and 34cm lengths
Two part rivets also available in matching shades.
NB The holes at the front of these hooks are slightly too small to accomodate the rivets, you can use a reamer to enlarge the hole by hand or quickly with a 4mm drill bit! Also for sale here.

Product Code: VCD-111

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Swing Hooks to Fasten Corsets (alternative to busks) Swing Hooks to Fasten Corsets (alternative to busks)
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