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Royal Mail increased their delivery charges on 23/3, we will not be increasing our charge to you. We hope this small gesture will help at such a difficult time.

8/3/20 International customers, 31 countries are 'on suspension'  and there are delays to other destinations. You can still place orders and we will send but you may need to be patient.
We can access Vena Cava Design without travelling so should be able to operate near normally. We have a daily collection from Royal Mail and as long as this continues we will endeavour to keep dispatching your orders. 
Please bear in mind that some  supplies may run low eventually as factories close or the supply chain is broken. Postal deliveries are inevitably slower than usual under the circumstances.

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Narrow Bone Casing - Plush back

Narrow Bone Casing - Plush back
Narrow Bone Casing - Plush back Narrow Bone Casing - Plush back Narrow Bone Casing - Plush back

Fantastic  NEW product!  Plush back tubular bone casing for trouble free, neat, boning channels.

Simply pin onto boning channel marks on your corset and sew neatly along each side. This dense tape encloses the bones with little risk of 'poke through'. 

Plush back and nylon front.

Sold in 5 metre lengths, if you want 25 just buy 5 x 5m and we will try to send you a continuous piece.

Black, Nude  or white.

13mm wide, 7mm aperture.

Can be used with any of our boning up to 7mm wide.

Our Price (inc VAT): £2.88

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