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Ergonomic Rotary cutter Prym 45 mm

Ergonomic Rotary cutter Prym 45 mm
Ergonomic Rotary cutter Prym 45 mm Ergonomic Rotary cutter Prym 45 mm Ergonomic Rotary cutter Prym 45 mm

Ergonomic Version of our best selling rotary cutter. Comfortable to use and accurate the rotary cutter is a vital piece of equipment.

The innovative Prym ergonomics rotary cutter ensures convenient, effortless and above all, safe work. Because of its ergonomic design it practically becomes an extension of your hand and allows you to guide and hold the rotary cutter intuitively. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle the end of the handle fits comfortably in your hand and its soft coating lets you hold it firmly and conveniently while you guide it through the cutting process.

Also in terms of safety this rotary cutter is way ahead because it is locked and unlocked simply by moving the blade guard across the slide button. So there is never any contact with the sharp edge. An audible click when the cutter is in the final position provides an additional safeguard in the locking and unlocking process.

Changing the blade is equally simple from the moment you remove the spare blade from the packaging to fitting it into the cutter, there is absolutely no contact with the sharp blade. The Allen key blade-changing tool is clamped directly into the handle. The spare blades have been specially designed for this prym.ergonomics rotary cutter as a self-contained system.

Ideal for cutting out your corset pieces neatly and accurately.

Also great for patchwork etc.

Blade retracts for safety when not in use.

Suitable for left or right handed use with a 45mm Blade.

Should be used with a cutting mat for long blade life.

Packs of spare blades also available.


These are very sharp! You have been warned;-)

Cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Our Price (inc VAT): £21.30

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