Tailor's Magical Pressing stick!

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Ok, it's probably not actually magic but these little tools are really rather wonderful.

We had one recreated many years ago from an illustration in a 19thc tailoring book. It has been in the sewing room and used very regularly ever since. We have now had some made for you :-)

Every surface on this mighty little stick has a use, precision ironing of shirt collars, suit collars and pockets; the flat edges and sides can be used for pressing seams open without leaving an impression of the seam allowance on the right side

Made in Dorset from sustainable wood sources.

Woods may vary from that show.

15cm x 3.5cm x 2cm


These are designed as tailoring tools so are mostly used on wool, if you plan to use them for delicate materials (silk, satin etc) please  place a piece of shielding material  between it and your delicate material. 

The fibres of wood can open in contact with steam, it is how your repair dents in wood (should you ever need to!). If this becomes a nuisance a light sanding will restore the finish.

40cm long.

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Tailor's Magical Pressing stick! Tailor's Magical Pressing stick!
£ 19.79

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