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14th August 2020

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The post is finally starting to catch up and services are getting quicker again. This has been a challenging time for all of us with supplies being slow to arrive and leave but we got through it and we thank you for your patience and loyalty.

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1869 Transition Skirt

1869 Transition Skirt

This skirt is of the style used during the transitional period of 1868-1874. It will fit best over TV109 1869 Hooped Bustle, or an elliptical hoop. The very full skirt is fitted to the waist in front, with the extra fullness shifted to the back. It has the traditional five gores in the front. A pocket is in the right side seam. The hem is floor length in front, gets longer at the sides and back.

View A has a single width back, reaching to floor length, with the placket in the center back seam.

View B has extra side back panels and a half width back, reaching to a 6″ sweep length, with the placket in the left side back seam.

View C has the extra side back panels and a full width back and can reach to either a 12″ medium train, a 20″ round train, or a 20″ square train. The square train can also be lengthened to any indefinite length desired. The placket is in the center back seam.

This skirt is suitable for just about any use. This skirt can be left plain, as many post civil war skirt were, or heavily decorated as in the 1870s. Mix and match overskirts for different looks. This pattern also can be used for petticoats.

Our Price (inc VAT): £18.00

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