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Fil Au Chinois Silk thread

Fil Au Chinois Silk thread
Fil Au Chinois Silk thread Fil Au Chinois Silk thread Fil Au Chinois Silk thread

We stock some of the wonderful Fil au Chinois Threads. The brand Fil Au Chinois was first registered in 1847 in Lille and the thread is still produced in France. The name dates back to that period in France when anything Oriental was fashionable.

These threads not only sew beautifully but are packaged beautifully too.

Their silk thread comes in a gorgeous array of colours and is ideal for flossing.

Perlé silk thread is glossy and resistant. It is traditionally used for buttonholes as well as topstitching

on fabric or leather. It can also be used for cross stitch, bobbin lace or braids and trimmings. It was

also commonly used in days gone by: in tapestries the finer details like the faces and hands of the

figures, the centres of certain flowers or animals eyes were sewn with silk threads to obtain a

contrast with the wool.

20m spools, 0.526mm diameter thread

Made in France

Our Price (inc VAT): £5.72

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