Fil Au Chinois Linen thread (Waxed Lin Retors Extra)

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We now stock some of the wonderful Fil au Chinois Threads.

The brand Fil Au Chinois was first registered in 1847 in Lille and the thread is still produced in France. The name dates back to that period in France when anything Oriental was fashionable.

These threads not only sew beautifully but are presented beautifully too.

Waxed Lin Retors Extra is the most famous Fil au Chinois thread.

The word « Retors » means that the thread has been re-twisted. This one is three strands that have been twisted together to give a smooth, resistant thread often used in leather work.  The thread has been waxed which means it has been through a starch bath to which bees wax has been added. It is the brushed with horsehair and stretched. These operations ensure a thread which is smooth and resistant for the most rigid stitches.

Can be used for leatherworking, solid stitching (buttons, heavy fabrics), threading pearls, binding etc.

Available in  N°40 (diameter 0.43mm). 30m spools, lightly waxed.

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Fil Au Chinois Linen thread (Waxed Lin Retors Extra) Fil Au Chinois Linen thread  (Waxed Lin Retors Extra)
£ 3.06

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