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Historical Pattern Archive Women’s Clothing 1837-1969 By Thomas John Bernard, Marcy Linton

 Historical Pattern Archive Women’s Clothing 1837-1969 By Thomas John Bernard, Marcy Linton

Book Description


Historical Pattern Archive: Women’s Clothing 18371969 is the first book of its kind to capture such a wide range of women’s period patterns in one book, featuring 83 patterns spanning over a century of clothing.

The book offers an accurate pattern of each garment on a 1/8" graph that can be used to scale the pattern up to its original size, drawings of each piece from multiple angles, and instructions about how the original garment was constructed and what materials were used. Capturing research and information about garments that would have otherwise stayed hidden or disappeared permanently due to age, wear, or poor storage conditions, this volume is designed to be a tool to preserve history through documenting vintage clothing.

Written for historians, reenactors, costumer makers, and costume designers, Historical Pattern Archive will enable readers to study the history behind each piece, implement their original techniques, and recreate unique garments that are both beautiful and historically accurate.

Table of Contents

1. Pre-1850 Patterns  2. 1850 Patterns  3. 1860 Patterns  4. 1870 Patterns  5. 1880 Patterns  6. 1890 Patterns  7. 1900 Patterns  8. 1910 Patterns  9. 1920 Patterns  10. 1930 Patterns  11. 1940 Patterns  12. 1950 Patterns  13. 1960 Patterns

ISBN 9781138708518
Published January 17, 2020 by Routledge
282 Pages 234 B/W Illustrations

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