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Ironing Multi Sheet

Ironing Multi Sheet
Ironing Multi Sheet Ironing Multi Sheet

This has been a wonderful addition to our sewing room. If you don't have the room to leave a full size ironing board up then this could be the solution. Many of us end ups using our dining room/kitchen tables as sewing areas, this could help to turn these into an instant sewing room.

The new, thickly padded sheet is large enough to accommodate both your sewing machine and a small iron, their weight preventing it from shifting. The centimetre scale and angles printed on its surface enable you to accurately arrange your work along the lines for the purpose of tacking or ironing. It even has an integrated tool organizer, including a pin cushion, a scissor loop, and sorting pockets for various utensils.

Prym have made this great little video showing this in use feature=player_embedded&v=KOR_zKykab0#t=0

Finally, the removable collecting bag for fabric cuttings and loose threads makes the multifunctional sheet an invaluable feature of your sewing equipment.

Our Price (inc VAT): £23.80

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