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Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width

Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width
Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width Carbon Fibre Corset Bones 12mm width

This boning is truly astonishing, it is both incredibly light but amazingly supportive and very, very strong..

They work wonderfully well at the centre back of corsets as well as to support the sides of a large bust and to smooth an uneven figure.

In fact if you break one of these bones in a corset we will give you your money back!

This image shows it being 'bend tested' against a steel bone, the difference really is incredible.

They are made from the same material as Formula One Cars and the Boeing 787 fuselage, and we felt if it's good enough for them.... As a result this is not a cheap material but it does provide an incredible level of support and is sure to be a talking point.

Please do not confuse these with glass-fibre bones.

Each bone has been hand made and finished which is reflected in the price. These bones are exclusive to Vena Cava Design.

24mm (1 inch) width now in stock. Ideal for creating a solid front with or without busK. Fabulous for figure control. 28-34cm lengths available.

They also pass the metal detectors at Airports, we know customers have had some mildly embarrassing experiences going through security wearing steel boned corsets.

For a 1 inch deflection at 85mm (3 5/16 inch roughly) from the clamp point the
results are as follows.

Steel bone - STD thickness and 1/2 inch width - 1.22N (0.274 lbf)
Carbon bone - my lay up 1/2 inch width - 29.3N (6.587 lbf)

This equates out to 24x stiffer!!!!!

1.7mm thick

Our Price (inc VAT): £6.77

Length cm:
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