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19th century Sensible and Gestation Stays

19th century Sensible and Gestation Stays

Past patterns call these stays our sensible stays because they are quick and easy to make and are very comfortable to wear. They are unboned. The lady wearing the stay that has lacing over the belly is wearing a gestation stay.

The original fabrics are natural cotton drill, white cotton satin weave, and natural cotton drill. The gestation stay closes in the front with ceramic pie-crust buttons. The other stay with shoulder straps fastens with ceramic utility buttons.

Use the reproduction pie crust and utility China buttons that we furnish for a special touch of authenticity.

This pattern is multi-sized 10-20. Fabric requirements are: Gestation stay 2-1/2 Yds. 45 inch wide fabric; Stay with shoulder straps 1-Yds. 45 inch wide fabric; Stay with sleeve straps 1-1/2 Yds. 45 inch wide fabric.

As with all of our corset patterns you will receive a discount voucher to use against the components when you order them.

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