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Edwardian Corset

Edwardian Corset

We love this pattern, it introduces a wonderful method of making a single layer very strong corset. A detailed description of the sewing techniques guides you towards making this very distinctive corset.

Multi sized and very easily adapted for individual fit.

This is a must for achieving that authentic Edwardian outline. This corset can be worn for long periods and looks great as outer wear as well as a fabulous foundation garment.

As always we highly recommend a mock up be made before the parts are purchased so a Voucher included with this pattern giving discount on your next order.

We would not recommend this for the absolute beginner.

They say...
"The cut of the "Straight-Fronted" Corset is said to have been invented by Mme. Gaches-Sarrautes at the turn of the century. It was considered a "Health Corset" because it was designed not to compress the waist or chest. Despite Mme. Gaches-Sarrautes efforts to create a "Health Corset", women tightened the waist so much so that the health effects were lost.

This pattern is multi-sized 8 through 26.
Original Edwardian corsets were made of coutil, cotton sateen, silk taffeta and a fine high thread count cotton. The most common colours were white and putty."

We don't offer kits for this or any other corset pattern (apart from the Simplicity 9769) because it is vital that you make a mock up first. The corset is uniquely fitting garment and the only way to correctly establish the busk and bones needed is make a test garment and fit it first. We have many many corsets over many years and not used the same combination of busk and bones twice!

Our Price (inc VAT): £12.76

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