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1780s Frock Coat

1780s Frock Coat
1780s Frock Coat 1780s Frock Coat

Buy this pattern and look like the perfect 1770s Gentleman.
Full size paper patterns for Men's Frock Coat for the 1770s and 80s with narrow cuffs and skirts, and curved front. Upper class and lower class instructions included. Fits chests 34-54 inches All sizes included in one envelope. Embellishment suggestions included.

Suggested Fabrics:
wool, heavyweight silk
lightweight silk or linen for lining
heavy linen or canvas for interlining

Yardage Requirements:
3 yds at least 45 inches wide

upto 35 5/8 inch buttons for front and vents
buttonhole floss
7-5/8 inchbuttons for arm closure (optional)
braid and cording to taste (optional)

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