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Bias Binding

Bias Binding Makers - Prym

Bias Binding Makers - Prym

This clever little gadget allows you to make you own bias binding out of (virtually) any fabric.

It is ideal for corsetry and bridal wear where it is often difficult to find that perfect shade of bias.

Use the same fabric or something of a complete contrast for dramatic, professional results.

Brand new with instructions. You will need an iron though!

TOP TIP- Thin fabrics should be backed with fusible interfacing before cutting into bias strips and making up.

TOP TIP- Thanks to Zev for sharing this discovery; some fabrics can be cut on the grain and still perform well as a binding.The 50mm width is perfect for outdoor gear, re-enactment kit, quilting etc

This gadget is available in 5 different widths.

The size refers to the finished width of the folded bias.

6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and 50mm.

Our Price (inc VAT): £8.60

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