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Boning For Corsets -Finished plastic coated steel.

Lacing Bones

Lacing Bones

Steel lacing bones. REDUCED TO CLEAR, please note these should only be used at the fitting stage.

Available in 10 inch 11 inch, 12inch, 13 inch and 14 inch lengths, the price is for one pair.

How to use lacing bones...
Sew the two centre back layers along the seam line right sides together, turn and press. Sew a line of stitches very close to the finished back edge. Pin the lacing bone in between the layers, mark the holes on the fabric, remove the bone, punch holes over the marks, reinsert bone lining up with holes. Insert eyelets then sew along the edge of the lacing bone using a zipfoot.

The holes in these bones are cut to imperial sizes 00 size, 3/16th inch but we have found that our 4mm eyeletswith washers fit pretty well although these are not appropriate for very thick or many layers of fabric.


11mm (0.5 inch) Wide
Holes approximately 5mm across

Our Price (inc VAT): £8.29

Length cm:
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