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1860s Darted Bodice

1860s Darted Bodice

This bodice is drafted for the reenactor, and is the basic darted bodice that was seen throughout the 1860's. Though seen as casual wear in 1860, by 1863, this style gains popularity and becomes accepted for more dressy occasions. By 1865, it is the most common bodice style, and remains so until the 1870's.

It has a jewel neckline, moderately dropped shoulder, and ends round at the natural waist. The center front is cut on the straight of grain, and is fitted with 2 darts. The back is fitted with a curved T-back seam, and a side piece. The sleeves are the 2-piece coat sleeve, with the slightly full elbow that was popular 1863-1869.

Also included, are 2 styles of linen collars; a pointed sailor or 'flat' collar (pre-1864), and a pointed stand collar (1864 and later.) The collars are basted into the bodice neckline prior to wearing.

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