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1860 Round Cage Crinoline KIT

1860 Round Cage Crinoline KIT

The Round cage crinoline was the main support foundation for the period of 1855-1862. Called a 'cage' because of the cage-like appearance created by the hoop wires and vertical support tapes, this type of crinoline offers maximum support capabilities for a perfect shape, combined with flexibility for comfortable wear.

This crinoline is 126 inches in circumference at the hem, 36 inches in length to hem level, and has 10 hoop wires to support the weight of heavy skirts. A 'bag' at the hem keeps the wearer from stepping through the hoops.

Kit saves 5% over buying the compnonents individually!

Kit can bought with or without pattern.

Kit inlcudes

1.75m Cotton Drill

13m Grosgrain ribbon 25mm wide

15m Boning tape 21mm wide

30m steel boning 11mm wide

1.5m Cotton Tape 20mm wide

1 safety buckle

4 11mm end caps

Our Price (inc VAT): £56.33

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