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Boning - Continuous Steel (corsets, crinolines etc)

STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated) 6 sizes by the Roll

STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated)  6 sizes by the Roll
STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated)  6 sizes by the Roll STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated)  6 sizes by the Roll STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated)  6 sizes by the Roll STEEL Boning (Plastic Coated)  6 sizes by the Roll

Continuous white plastic coated steel boning in 7 sizes available on 10m, 25m and 50m rolls. Also known as Crinoline or hoop steel.

All of our steel boning can be cut to length using aviation snips or similar and the ends rounded before using in corsets. The exception being the 15mm x 1.4mm steel, this cannot be cut using snips, the best method is a vice and hacksaw with metal blade (please wear eye protection).

It is also commonly used for crinolines, bustles, panniers etc

Metal hoop joints are available too.

To join the ends when making petticoats try our plastic end caps. OR...Why not try our wide transparent heat shrink Pop a length of heat shrink over your hoop, overlap the ends and hold in place with masking tape. Bring heat shrink over join and heat gently until it encloses the steel.

Made in Europe

BONE SIZES (approximate)

5mm= 4.9mm wide x 0.6mm thick

7mm = 7 x 0.65 mm thick

11mm= 10mm wide x 0.65mm thick

13mm = 12mm wide x 0.4mm thick

15mm = 14mm wide x 0.6mm thick


15mm wide x 1mm thick (See separate listing)

NB Tolerances for metal core: Width + 0 / - 0.4 mm Thickness +/- 0.04 mm Coating: 0.15 0.25 mm We are happy to send small samples if needed.

Our Price (inc VAT): £9.38

Boning Size:
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