1865 -1880 Mid Victorian Corset

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We found this a very versatile pattern as it has both hip and bust gussets.

Not recommended for first time corset makers.

We don't offer kits for this or any other corset pattern(apart from the Simplicity 9769) because it is vital thatyou make a mock up first. The corset is uniquely fittinggarment and the only way to correctly establish the buskand bones needed is make a test garment and fit it first. We have many many corsets overmany years and not used the same combination of busk and bones twice!

Necessary for the perfect Victorian silhouette.
Gap area figured in for you.
Individualized length, plus bust and hip gussets.
Historical references and decoration ideas.
Directly from an 1871 Harper's Bazar pattern.

This is the corset which made the Cuirass bodice possible. Named after the piece of armor, the hard, crisp lines seen in that bodice is structured by the shaping and boning of the corset. Often made of coutil, poplin wool, satin jean, English leather, or strong silk, it shaped the upper body. It was usually lined, and could be three layers thick.

This corset is based on a pattern in the supplement to Harper s Bazar for October 9, 1871. The bust gores are sized for cups A, B, C, and D. Four sizes of hip gores also accommodate various hip shapes.

You will need a metal busk and boning to create this garment.

This pattern includes 13 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 1 pattern sheet. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes 2 30 are included.

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1865 -1880 Mid Victorian Corset 1865 -1880  Mid Victorian Corset
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