1870 - 1890 You Bet Bodice Pattern

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This bodice is ideal as a formal dinner or ball gown bodice, and perfect for dressy daytime visiting or reception wear, all of which were favorite activities amongst upper class Victorians. These pursuits naturally required a special type of clothing: beautiful and alluring clothing.

This bodice pattern has a pointed front and back, and can fit over any size bustle or bustle pad. It has options for two lengths of puffed sleeves (as well as a sleeveless option), and three styles of necklines, and may be made with a front or a back opening.

The pattern includes 22 pages of instructions with historical tips and quotes, and 3 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes 2 30 are included.

Product Code: MM 1880-22

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1870 - 1890 You Bet Bodice Pattern 1870 - 1890 You Bet Bodice Pattern
£ 16.37

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