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1897 Corset for Stout Figure

1897 Corset for Stout Figure

Multi-Size - 32-48 Bust - 20-36 Bust

The corset was made of light gray twill stitched with red silk. It has a piece of stout elastic webbing set all around the bottom. The seams are strapped and decorative lace at the top.

About Ageless patterns....

These patterns are black line reproductions of the authentic patterns. Seam allowances, markings, straight of grain and ORIGINAL sewing instructions have been added. THE SEWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE AS THEY APPEARED ON THE PATTERN AND IS WHAT THE CUSTOMER GOT BACK THEN.

Please read all instructions on the pattern before purchasing fabric and cutting of the pattern. All patterns are sewable, just use your head, a little common sense and patience and your garment will turn out just fine. Instructions for basic sizing up or down are also included with the pattern.

Although aimed at theatrical costumes, turn of the century enthusiasts and re-enactorsmight enjoy these also.

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