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Madam Foy Skirt Supporting Corset

Madam Foy Skirt Supporting Corset

There really was a Madam Foy, under whose name a skirt supporting corset with side-front lacing was manufactured from 1862 through to the 1890's. Lavinia Foy was 49 years old when she began designing her skirt supporting corset across the hall from her husband in a building in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The original manufactured, almost entirely machine sewn corset, from which we have made this pattern is stamped "Madam Foy's Skirt Supporting Corset. Pat. July 22, 1862, Sept. 15, 1863, Mar. 22, & Nov. 29, 1864. Reissued June 18, 1867."

This pattern is multi-sized 8 through 26 in a B, C and D cup.

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