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Corset Patterns

Asylum Corset Pattern

Asylum Corset Pattern

Asylum Corset pattern

A Strikingly individual Steampunk corset sewing pattern, the "Asylum" corset is a full backed corset with back lacing and front opening. An Under bust front pattern that frames the figure with a beautifully curvy silhouette.

This pattern is a real tight lacing steel boned corset suitable for waist training so the sizes listed are actual corset waist sizes.

This paper sewing pattern is exclusively designed by Harlots and Angels Corsetry and has been crafted to be a perfect and comfortable fit for all shapes and sizes. This pattern can be relied on to give the beautiful curves that a real Victorian corset construction should give whilst fitting modern body measurements.

This corset doesn't want to be made with a wide gap at the back because it s designed to fit gracefully over the spine. It s quite cinched in at the waist so choose a pattern no more than 3" larger than your waist for the most comfortable fit.

Available in the following sizes: Please note these are the actual Corset measurements and you should generally choose a pattern with corset waist 2- 3" less than your natural waist

SMALL 20"-24"

At Harlots and Angels we have over 25 years experience in creating sewing patterns and have produced designs, commissions and sewing patterns for a wide diversity of clients, including The Disney Corporation, the BBC costume department, Sky TV, Working Title films as well as several Hollywood production companies.

Our Price (inc VAT): £10.42

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