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18th Century Gentlemans Frock Coat

18th Century Gentlemans Frock Coat

n the 1770 s, the frock coat became acceptable attire for all but the most formal occasions, and continued to be worn throughout the remainder of the century.

This frock coat is designed to fit comfortably over shirt, breeches and waistcoat. It has a small cape (i.e., collar), pockets with pocket flaps, and round cuffs.

This original frock coat pattern is fashioned after two extant examples, one in the collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and another in the Cut of Men s Clothes, by Norah Waugh.

The frock coat may be made up several different ways; it may outlined with flat metallic braid (lace), with matching metal buttons, or front buttonholes only may be embroidered or laced, and/or buttonholes and buttons may be omitted from cuffs and pocket flaps, simplifying the garment.

Frock coat is illustrated as it looks when made of wool broadcloth with a thin silk lining, worn with waistcoat and breeches.

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