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Boot Hook Fasteners

Boot Hook Fasteners

Two part boot fasteners that are perfect for lacing leather corsets etc.
These are great for re-enactment clothing, outdoor clothing, sturdy corsets and are a quick way to lace and unlace.

Packs of 100 backs and fronts.

You will need to make a pilot hole for these fasteners push the 2 parts together and fix home carefully with a hammer, you will need to put something under the edge of the hook (e.g a screwdriver) to prevent it squashing . You will probably find your own method off fixing them, if you do please let us know.

Thanks to Kevin for his suggestion
"Rather than use a screwdriver to fit them, I thought to try with two thin pieces of metal and two small G clamps to pein-over, or rather' squeeze the fastenings together just like fitting eyelets but without the hammering"

Approx 1cm x 1cm

Use on fabrics not thicker than 3mm

Our Price (inc VAT): £7.85

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