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Millinery Supplies

Buckram for Millinery

Buckram for Millinery

We are now stocking a new quality of black buckram; double stiffened and with adhesive on both sides. Medium weight. Perfect for Millinery, tailoring and costume making; a truly versatile product.

Great for use as fascinator bases and for constructing the many hat making patterns that we stock.

To use
Fold your buckram and put it into a bowl of hot water, the fabric will turn soft like a rag. The buckram can now be stretched and pinned over your block and leave to dry.

For extra stiffness paint some watered down PVA glue onto the buckram before it dries.

Black 107cm wide, White 107cm wide. Price per metre. 100% Cotton plus glue

Our Price (inc VAT): £23.78

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