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Historical Sewing Patterns (Women)

WWII Red Cross Uniform and Ladies Skirted Suit 1941-1946

WWII Red Cross Uniform and Ladies Skirted Suit 1941-1946
WWII Red Cross Uniform and Ladies Skirted Suit 1941-1946 WWII Red Cross Uniform and Ladies Skirted Suit 1941-1946 WWII Red Cross Uniform and Ladies Skirted Suit 1941-1946

WWII 1940s Ladies� American Red Cross Uniformand Civilian Skirted Suit. This jacket and skirt
was created by the designer Mainbocher and is stylish worn either as a uniform or daywear.

View A is
a copy of the ARC Uniform worn during WWII. View B is the same suit without the uniform details.
View A has a jacket (tunic) with upper stitch-down pleated pockets with buttoned flap, and large lower
cargo pockets that have a bellows fold and a buttoned flap. The pocket bags can be omitted, as well
as the flaps, as desired. The front of the jacket has one bust dart at the shoulder and one at the armhole.

There are two additional bust and waist double ended darts. The jacket is single breasted with a
fold over lapel and collar. The sleeves are two piece and end simply at the wrist. The shoulders are a
little wider as was popular in the 1940s and are drafted to accommodate a 3/8" to 1/2" shoulder pad.
There are shoulder straps, or epaulettes at the shoulders which button to the jacket at the collar side of
the shoulder. The shoulder straps and the four pocket flaps button with 5/8" ARC buttons and the
front closes with 4 ARC 7/8" buttons. The center back seam ends just below the waist at a vent.

The View B Jacket differs from 
the View A in that the shoulder straps are left off and the pockets are simple
patch with a rounded bottom that have no flaps. The skirt is the same for both
View A and B. The skirt is a six piece A-line with a waistband and side opening
that buttons. The waistband closes with one button and the skirt closes with 3
buttons. The button closure can be replaced with a zipper for modern. Two hats
are included: A Visor Hat and a Garrison Cap. The Visor Hat has a round
crown and tip with a tip extension and a bill in the front. The Garrison Cap has a
two piece flat crown with an expandable tip to make the cap oblong. The cap
has a flap all around it that can be folded down to cover the ears and back of the

View A Fabric: Wool or wool blend, plain weave. Color light grey for
summer uniform and oxford gray for winter. The uniform was also available in
a solid (not striped) gray seersucker.

View B Fabric: Any medium weight suiting
material, such as wool, wool blend, linen, or cotton twill. Lining: Any
lining weight material such as rayon, nylon, or silk, poly for modern. Interfacing:
The original used a bottom weight cotton plain weave. Hair canvas or medium
weight linen could also be used. The hats need a heavier weight interfacing,
such as hair canvas or heavier if desired.

Notions: View A, six or eight
5/8" buttons and four 7/8" buttons. View B, 4 buttons 5/8" to 1" as desired.
Four buttons are needed for the skirt, 5/8 to 7/8. The buttons can be replaced
by one 8 inch zipper. One pair of shoulder pads, from 3/8" to 1/2" thick. Visor
Hat: The bill needs a stiff but flexible material to be cut out and inserted into
the visor. You need to cut it from a piece about 8 x 5. Any stiff plastic material
that can be cut will work like foam board. The Visor Cap also needs 3/4
yard petersham ribbon to finish the inside.

There is additional information in the
pattern about what is needed to complete the uniform and where to purchase it.

Our Price (inc VAT): £22.96

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