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Pins with Grips - Prym

Pins with Grips  - Prym
Pins with Grips  - Prym Pins with Grips  - Prym Pins with Grips  - Prym

Innovative pin design from Prym...

We say
"These spring steel pins with purple grips are superb for tough fabrics, easy on the fingers to push in.
Great aid for the seamstress with ageing eyesight and/or fingers!"

They say
"A special development in needle assortments are the pins with a long, concave handle made of plum-coloured plastic. Thanks to these, they are easy to grab and can be perfectly guided. The pins’ stem, made from spring steel, has a balanced spring stiffness. Its fine tip easily penetrates any fabric, thereby going easy on the fibres. In the storage canister, Prym offers 10g of the fine pin with handle in size 38 mm x 0.58 mm."

Our Price (inc VAT): £5.50

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