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Power Dots by Prym

Power Dots  by Prym
Power Dots  by Prym Power Dots  by Prym

Clever Prym! They have come up with handy packs of super strong iron on interfacing dots, perfectly designed to re-enforce  fabrics before inserting eyelets and washers, press fasteners etc.

Particularly good for finer fabrics where eyelets may tear out or be impossible to set.

Power Dots can be simply and quickly ironed on to the wrong side of the fabric before attaching the press fastener or the eyelet. Ironing binds the Power Dot securely with the fabric and it becomes invisible.

Also ideal for reinforcing fabric when attaching Jersey press fasteners and Colour Snaps to layered cotton or jersey fabrics.

100 dots (50 each of 2 sizes per pack, 30mm and 20mm), white only.

Our Price (inc VAT): £7.20

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