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Bra Design & Draft Book

By the same author of the Bra-makers Manual, the Bra Design & Draft Book is a drafting class at your fingertips! This book includes step-by-step instructions with large print.

The book also includes diagrams and photos of how draft your own bra from actual body measurements.

The 79 page Bra Design & Draft book is intended for those who perhaps have not yet found the "perfect” bra pattern. Or for those who love the idea of drafting this most challenging garment from body measurements, without a pattern to restrict them. Or maybe, you have clients who are a difficult fit, uneven from side to side or are Omega shaped. The book is perfect for you! Any bra-making teacher or drafting enthusiast will find Bra Design & Draft a treasure trove of information.

This book is the compilation of information and data gleaned from the Beverly Johnson class by the same name. That class was 5 days long and was over $900. Now all the information from that class is here in book form for you to read, learn from and apply to your own clients or family.

What’s in the Book?

The book begins by teaching you to measure properly for a bra and choose the equipment and tools necessary for the sewing room. Don’t worry, you very likely have everything you need already. Then, author Beverly V. Johnson talks about the materials you will need for your draft. Once you measure your model, you can follow along as the draft is explained step-by-step with large drawings. Do you want to change the style line? How about using shorter wires? Maybe you want a balconette cup or even an offset vertical style. It’s all in Bra Design & Draft!

The content in this book is also contained within the pages of the Bra-makers Manual Volume 2, but there is much more detail in Bra Design & Draft. Plus it is half the price of the Bra-makers Manual Volume 2! This is the book that we have used in our Bra Design & Draft classes, with improvements and modifications to the method of drafting as our student experiences dictated. We are confident that you will find this book a valuable resource for your bra-making library.

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