Tailors Anvil / Point Presser/Clapper

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Point presser and Clapper combined.

Great value tailoring tool

- Use clapper to flatten bulky facing/collar edges, points, pleats and button holes

-Use point presser section for pressing narrow, hard to reach seams of collars, facings, belts, cuffs, corners, points etc.

Made from a variety of sustainable woods by a craftsman in the UK. If the colour of the wood is important please let us know and we'll do our best to match it.

27.5cm at longest,  7cm widest  and 5cm narrowest at the clapper side.

These are designed as tailoring tools so are mostly used on wool, if you plan to use them for delicate materials (silk, satin etc) please  place a piece of shielding material  between it and your delicate material.
A pressing cloth can prevent any staining from the wood on pale fabrics.
The fibres of wood can open in contact with steam, it is how your repair dents in wood (should you ever need to!). If this becomes a nuisance a light sanding will restore the finish.

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Tailors Anvil / Point Presser/Clapper Tailors Anvil / Point Presser/Clapper
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