1891 French Fan Skirt - PAPER PATTERN

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This skirt is drafted based on a tailoring method used in the 1890's. The front is slim and hangs in light swags coming from the waist at the side back. The back is cut in fan style, falling in a double pleat in the center back. The closure is in the left side-back seam, hidden inside the pleat. This skirt works well if worn with Petticoat TV121, to help hold the proper shape.

This pattern is cut on both the cross grain and with the grain, and may not be suitable for stripes or directional prints. This pattern requires a minimum of 50" wide material. For a length of greater than 41", material of 54" wide, or greater, will be required. An option would be to add a false hem to the bottom of the skirt.

Product Code: TV294

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1891 French Fan Skirt - PAPER PATTERN 1891 French Fan Skirt - PAPER PATTERN
£ 21.04

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