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Tools, Gadgets and Equipment

Fine angled scissors - Prym

Fine angled scissors - Prym
Fine angled scissors - Prym Fine angled scissors - Prym

Possibly the best scissors in the world!
Well, we think so anyway.

We went through many cheap pairs of small scissors for cutting thread ends, they went blunt quickly and did not like being sharpened.

These little beauties whilst expensive are just brilliant.

They cut off even the most annoying little tag of thread very close to the fabric, essential for a professional garment finish. We have found they are good for cutting very accurate button holes too.

The high quality, rustproof tool steel construction means that despite an awful lot of use we have not had to sharpen ours yet.

The blade is angled which makes it easy to see what it is that you are cutting!

We love em:-)

10cm Long

Our Price (inc VAT): £13.49

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