1875 - 1890 Mystic Mine Basque

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Versatile Basque pattern from Mantua Maker.

No. 1880-24
Ideal as a dinner bodice, a walking jacket or as part of a riding habit.
Two lengths of coat style sleeves, three styles of necklines.
Pointed or cutaway front, or with an overlap.
Narrow or wide box pleats in back.
Many historical references.

The basque featured in this pattern has the fashionably pointed front, and the sexy longer drapery at the back. It was stylish for walking, traveling, or as part of a riding habit. With more expensive fabric, it was appropriate for a formal dinner, or even a ball.

Style and elegance were critical to the Victorian fashionable mentality. Even middle class women aimed to achieve some sort of panache in their mode of dress, if only with a few ribbons. But the most obtainable part of dress was the style itself.

This pattern has two variations in the neckline: the standing collar and a square evening gown neckline. The sleeves may be cut three quarter length for reception or dinner wear; or full length for day wear; or they may be left off altogether for evening or ballroom wear. The back pleats may be single or double, wide or narrow. The front may be pointed or cut away, or it may be extended across the bust in an overlap. One of the sources for this pattern is the supplemental pattern sheet in the July 25, 1874 issue of Harper s Bazar.

It includes 23 pages of instructions with historical tips and quotes, and 4 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes 2 - 30 are included.

Product Code: MM 1880-24

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1875 - 1890 Mystic Mine Basque 1875 - 1890 Mystic Mine Basque
£ 27.94

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