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Boning - Plastic, Synthetic whalebone, Polyester boning, re-enforced boning

Synthetic Whalebone (German Boning) -6 sizes

Synthetic Whalebone (German Boning) -6 sizes
Synthetic Whalebone (German Boning) -6 sizes Synthetic Whalebone (German Boning) -6 sizes Synthetic Whalebone (German Boning) -6 sizes

Fantastic light weight boning that can be cut with good scissors. The 7mm size is particularly good for light yet supportive stays and corsetry.

Quite tough and kink resistant. Washable and dry cleanable, has passed the Oddy test so suitable for use in museum collections.

Buy in 25m or 50m rolls.

This is a smooth, white, plastic boning that provides medium support in corsets, and firm support when used in a bodices. The 12mm and 13mm width can also be used in bustles etc.

Available in six widths 5mm. 6mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm. Offers very reasonable cost saving when compared to other boning.

Thicknesses are
5mm 1mm
6mm 1mm
7mm 1mm
10mm 1.1mm
12mm 1.5mm
13mm 1.9mm
The miniature Dremel type drills are excellent for cutting and smoothing the ends of synthetic whalebone. Thanks Jen.

This boning is sometimes a little curly when it comes from the roll, you can safely iron or use a heat gun to flatten it. Just put a towel or something similar between the boning and the heat source.

The synthetic whalebone can be smoothed using an emery board exactly the same way that you do your nails. Thanks to Paula for this tip.

Our Price (inc VAT): £25.33

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