Prym Vario Pliers. Colour Snaps edition

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A new variation on an old favourite, this edition comes with the setting tool for the Prym Colour snaps including piercing tools for 3 and 4 mm for riveting press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons, rivets.

The new range of colour snaps are amazing, set in no time at all and are incredibly strong!

Now available in PINK!!

A really efficient hand tool for eyelet setting and hole punching. The hole punch has a reversible cutter creating small (2.5mm approx) and larger (3.5mm approx) holes. The 3.5mm hole is a good snug fit for the 'top hat' part of the eyelet. The conical tool tip presses the fabric firmly into the cutter creating a very neat and precise hole. With practice you can cut cleanly through several fabric layers, important in a well lined corset.

The dies (tools tips) are removable and can be exchanged for most of those supplied with the Prym range of fasteners including Eyelets and washers Sport and Camping Fasteners Rivets Trouser and Skirt Hooks and Bars Jersey Fasteners Jeans Buttons A set of extra Prym piercing tools is available for these pliers. Punch the holes in the corset with the pliers. Remove the punch tips and replace them with the ones from the eyelet kit above, now squeeze the eyelet and washer together. No fiddly hammering!

This video demonstrates exactly how versatile and easy to use this tool is to use.


One of our customers says "Vario pliers must be the most fabulous, effective, sexy, effortless, magnificent tool ever invented...at least if you've been trying to use a worn out old leather punch to make holes.....

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Prym Vario Pliers. Colour Snaps edition Prym Vario Pliers. Colour Snaps edition
£ 11.60

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